Furukawa 6P .110” Connector

This connector has yellow plastic divider/retainer between terminals making for no chance of bent terminals, no chance of wrong insertion, and ensuring no chance of shorting between terminals. This connector is used on some R/R units.


6 Position .110” Waterproof Connector Female

Fits wires from 1.25mm - 3mm (16 - 12 AWG).

Tough plastic housing with inner seal.

Seals and terminals for 6 wires.

NOTE: We sell the complete connector with the large seals and terminals only. Smaller sizes available below.

FKW 6P110-Female Set $6.95 ea


EXTRA TERMINALS AND SEALS - two sizes of seals and terminals are available. The connector comes with larger black seals and the larger 16-12 AWG terminals. Get some smaller terminals and seals if you have some small wires to connect.

Female terminal fits wires 16-12 AWG (left)

FKW 110-Terminal-L  $0.19 ea


Female terminal fits wires 20-16 AWG (right)

FKW 110-Terminal-S  $0.17 ea


Large seal fits wires 14-12 AWG) (left)

FKW 110-Seal (black)  $0.15 ea


Small seal fits wires 18-14 AWG (right)

FKW 110-Seal (green/grey)  $0.15 ea


Alternate view.