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Ducati DesertX

   2023 -

CS Kits  


CS Kits For Ducati DesertX

Shown is 4CS - Available are 2CS, 3CS, 4CS
(  2 output, 3 output, 4 output )

This kit is very easy to mount on the DesertX. The switching lead attaches to the number plate light connector ( 4 screws ). The fuse holders sit on top of the
battery and the outputs sit to the front left of the battery.  The relay sits to the rear left of the battery under the rear sub-frame brace.

Figure 2: ( Shown 4CS Kit - Newer design kits will ship - Will update image shortly ).
Each fuse holder holds a fuse and a spare fuse. Kits are shipped without fuses installed. The black fuse holder is for the un-switched output. The three white fuse holders are for switched
outputs. All black wires on the kits are grounds. Un-switched output will have a red and black wire. Switched outputs are Yellow, Blue and White.
This kit is specified as 15A on the un-switched
A maximum 30A on the switched with a maximum 15A on any one switched output.
Hand made in Japan using quality Sumitomo connectors and Yazaki cables.


2CS Kit For DesertX -    $44.95

3CS Kit For DesertX  -    $57.95


4CS Kit For DesertX  -    $69.95


Install Pictures:
Ideally the fuse holders sit on top of the battery. The relay to the left rear of the battery under the sub-frame cross brace. The outputs sit forward of the battery on the left side. The switching lead
routes back to the number plate light ( remove 4 screws from the cover under the tail to access the number plate light connector ).

The number plate light connector seen at the end of the tape.