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Ducati 848 Street Fighter

PC-8 Fuse Panel Kit - 8 output for system
Rectifer Upgrade Kit FH020AA
FH020AA Wiring Kit
Tail Light Splitter

PC-8R Fuse Panel Kit

Complete 30A plug and play kits, with all the wiring, fuses, a PC-8 fuse panel, and more.

Battery Connect Complete Kit

  • PC-8R Specifications and Features:
  • - 4 threaded insert nuts provide case mounting and fuse panel installation mounting points
  • - comes with an assortment of ATM fuses, one for each output circuit and a few extras
  • - 8 hot + outputs (2 un-switched circuits, 6 switched circuits)
  • - Switched circuits are turned off when the bike is shut down. Two un-switched circuits are always hot - can be used for charging the battery
  • - 8 ground outputs - much better to ground your auxiliary circuits here than on a bike’s frame
  • - maximum fuse panel capacity 40 Amps (30A/20A - switched/un-switched)
  • - maximum circuit capacity 20 Amps (15A continuous)
  • - maximum output wire size 12 AWG (3 sq-mm)
  • - all hardware is stainless steel (except input posts which are tin plated steel)
  • - black satin polycarbonate cover makes unit splash-proof yet allows it to breathe and stay cool
  • - cover mounting tabs on each end can be broken off or left on, depending on mounting choice
  • - simple robust design means no overheating and no problems with vibration
  • - I designed this fuse panel with ease of mounting a priority. Therefore there are many mounting options: Dual Lock on back of case, fine threaded screws from back of panel, self tapping screws from inside through PCB inserts to panel, or nuts and screws on the case mounting ears at each end of the case.

PC-8R Accessory Fuse Panel For Street Fighter 848 -  $120.95



Installation Note: This kit uses the tail light connector at the rear of the bike under the passenger seat. The kit is designed to be installed under seat cowl on the right side of the bike.


 Rectifier Upgrade Adapter Cables & Mount Plate

Plug and play rectifier upgrade for the Ducats Street Fighter 848. Includes the rectifier, mount plate and wiring kit. Original Shindengen rectifier supplied by Yamaha and cables are 100%
copper with original Furukawa connectors.

Mount Plate not shown, but included ( will update picture shortly )



FH020AA Rectifier Upgrade Kit $198.95



FH020AA Wiring Kit

This is just the interconnect cables between the stock harness and the FH020AA rectifier. 100% copper Yazaki wire and original Furukawa connectors.


FH020AA Rectifier Wiring Kit  $26.95


Tail Light Splitter

Provides a switched and gnd signal from the tail light without any modification to the existing bike wiring. Recommended to keep connection to under 2A.



Tail Light Splitter $14.95