Suzuki GSX1000 Page

This is a new page and we are still working on custom kits for these bikes.

4 Circuit Solution Fusepanel Kit

This kit was developed for the 2018 GSX1000F, other models should be similar. Please contact us if you have a similar model. We would love to know all models this Kit will fit. This Kit uses the heated grip connector to switch its relay. With a passthrough you can still use the connector for heated grips or other purposes. These bikes have limited area to mount a fuse panel, but this kit makes installation easy.


4CS Sealed for GSX1000F 1 Fuse  Unswitched $64.95

Connection Option


- 1 Unswitched circuit for battery charging, and power when bike is off

- 3 switched circuits go on and off with the bike

- each circuit has a 10A max capacity, total kit max capacity is 30A

- all components are sealed

- mating sealed connectors are included, extras available below

- fuseholders can each hold an extra fuse

- all wires and sheathing high temp type

- extensions, leads, and splitters available below

- 4 plugs are now included so you can make caps for two circuit outputs you aren’t using


Extra Connectors for CS Kits:

Male connectors are included with each CS kit to install on your accessory’s wires, order more below to have spares, make up your own extensions and splitters, etc.

2 Position .090 Waterproof MT Connector.

Fits wires from .5mm - 1.25mm (22 - 16 AWG).

Small size tough plastic housing with inner seal. Seals on each wire.

Click below to buy:

2P090WP-MT Connector Set  $3.95 ea



Male Half $2.49 ea


Female Half $1.95 ea


Crimper for sealed connector terminals:

The Hozan P-706 does a pro job on these types, go here to buy. This is a great tool for a home shop, most connectors on modern bikes are this type.

You don’t need a crimper to install these. You can pinch and solder if you know how to solder. I have a page about crimping and soldering here.


CS Sealed  Leads and Extensions

Various pre-finished leads of the highest quality are available for running your circuit wires from the CS Kit under the seat to up front to power a socket, SAE, aux lights, or other devices. Leads are available for a variety of power socket connections to plug in directly. Extensions can be used where you install the male connectors that come with the CS Kit on the wires of your device (like an automotive socket with pigtails), everything then plugs together. Wires, connectors, and sheathing are high temp, highest quality, Japan made by Eastern Beaver.


CS Extensions

- pre-made solutions to connect from the CS Kits to your accessory.

- male connector on one end and a female on the other end, male plugs into a CS Kit output connector - then you can use one of the included (comes with every CS Kit) male connectors on your accessory wires to complete the circuit - give you a modular way to connect your circuits


CS Kit Extensions 80 cm (32”) $12.95


CS Kit Extensions 120 cm (48”) $14.95


CS Kit Extensions 160 cm (64”) $16.95


CS Kit Leads - these leads have specific terminating connectors for different accessories

CS Kit Leads with SAE Plug

3cs leads - sae

2 Prong SAE Plug for battery chargers, etc., WITH 16 AWG wire. (NOW WITH SAE CAP)

CS Kit Leads Sealed (SAE) 15 cm (6”) $10.95


CS Kit Leads Sealed (SAE) 30 cm (12”) $11.95


CS Kit Leads Sealed (SAE) 60 cm (24”) $12.95


CS Kit Leads Sealed (SAE) 90 cm (36”) $14.95


CS Kit Leads Sealed (SAE) 120 cm (48”) $16.95


CS Kit Leads Sealed (SAE) 160 cm (64”) $18.95


CS Kit Leads with T-Connector

3cs leads - powerlet

2 Prong T-Connector for Powerlet and Hella type Socket - with 18 AWG wire

CS Kit Leads Sealed (TCON) 15 cm (6”) $10.95


CS Kit Leads Sealed (TCON) 30 cm (12”) $11.95


CS Kit Leads Sealed (TCON) 60 cm (24”) $12.95


CS Kit Leads Sealed (TCON) 90 cm (36”) $14.95


CS Kit Leads Sealed (TCON) 120 cm (48”) $16.95


CS Kit Leads Sealed (TCON) 160 cm (64”) $18.95


CS Kit Leads with 1/4” Pushons

3cs leads - pushons

2 1/4” Sheathed Push-on Receptacles for Automotive Sockets etc. - with 18 AWG wire

CS Kit Leads Sealed (.250”) 15 cm (6”) $10.95


CS Kit Leads Sealed (.250”) 30 cm (12”) $11.95


CS Kit Leads Sealed (.250”) 60 cm (24”) $12.95


CS Kit Leads Sealed (.250”) 90 cm (36”) $14.95


CS Kit Leads Sealed (.250”) 120 cm (48”) $16.95


CS Kit Leads Sealed (.250”) 160 cm (64”) $18.95



2P SAE Now with Cap


2P T Connector for Sockets

250 pushons

2 Sheathed Plated 1/4” Pushons

CS Splitters - NOTE: all CS Splitters are now a more compact 15 cm (6 in)

These splitters are designed to allow you to power even more accessories from your CS Kit.

All splitters are 15 cm(6”) long.

They are made of high quality Yazaki wire of 0.75 sqmm (18 AWG), with high temp flexible sheathing.

You can order any of the combinations below and more. Pick the connectors you need for your accessories.

The Splitters below are examples of possible choices, and plug into the CS Kit Outputs, or the CS Kit Extensions above.        

Two CS Kit outputs - use to split one CS Kit output to two.

One T-Connector for Powerlet type sockets, and one set of insulated push on 1/4” females - use to connect one CS Kit output to two different sockets.

Two sets of 1824 Posi-Locks for the ultimate in easy installations. Also use when you have devices with pigtail wires.

Another output option (not shown) is a high quality SAE connector with cap.


CS Kit Sealed Splitter $19.95

Option 1
Option 2

Lead Install Page

 New Suzuki Rear Lighting Adapters - same as newest VStrom models

These bikes have a pair of different connectors for rear lighting. One 3P sealed plugs directly into the tail light housing for the brake and tail lights. The other 4P connector is used for signals and licence plate light. Here are the two new adapters that work on this model only.


Version 1 - all wires are take-offs from stock wires. Red wire is brake, blue wire is tail, and black is ground.

New DLs Brake/Tail Adapter V1 $24.95


Version 2 - brakelight wire has input  (purple) and output (red) wires for BackOff type modulators. Tail light wire (blue) and ground (black) are take-offs from stock wires.

New DLs Brake/Tail Adapter V2 $26.95



Signal wires (2), licence light wire, and ground wire are take-offs from stock wires. Yellow and white wires are signals, purple wire is licence light, and black wire is ground.

New DLs Signal/Licence Adapter $16.95


Heated Grip Adapter - same as VStrom and DRs

Connects to the factory heated grip connector using the connector above. Use for heated grips or other low current accessories. Also useful for relay switching. The stock heated grip connector on the bike has both a switched hot and a ground.

The stock heated grip connector supplies power to this adaptor only when the bike is on.

 You can power and ground any low power accessory from this stock plug. However, it is not designed for higher current applications. I would suggest a maximum of 7A for this connector.

If you’re thinking to power a GPS from this connection, be aware that whenever you shut your bike off, power to your GPS will go off too. Many GPS have onboard battery power but it can still be tiresome every time you shut off to push a button on the GPS to get it to continue on battery power. I like my GPS powered full time with backlighting on high.

The Factory Heated Grip Connector - is found behind the left side of the radiator. Often the rad needs to be loosened on the left and moved forward to find the connector. See this page on Stromtroopers for pics to help locate your stock connector.


This adaptor features factory crimped terminals, high temp 16 AWG leads, and high temp sheathing.

Sumitube shrinktube sealed on the connector to keep out moisture and provide wire strain relief.

If you want to buy just the housing and terminals, buy the 2P-HM090 Male on this page.


 36” (91 cm) VStrom Heated Grip Adaptor $12.95


Factory Heated Grip to Fuse Panel Adapter - same as VStrom and DRs


The factory heated grip connector is not the best place to supply power to heated grips. And if you have a fuse panel and the factory Heated Grips, you’ll likely want to connect the factory heated grips to your fuse panel. This adaptor will allow you to do that and get full power to the grips, without having to cut and splice any wires, and avoids placing any extra load on the factory wiring.

Factory crimped terminals on 16 AWG leads with high temperature sheathing.

With the same plug as the factory heated grip plug behind the radiator, this adapter plugs right into the factory heated grips and gives you enough wire to go to your fuse panel.

Adaptor is 36” (92 cm) in length.


VStrom Factory Heated Grips to Fuse Panel Adapter $12.95



more to come