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HONDA CT125 Wiring Accessories



  CT125 ODB2 Cable with Error Code Reset Function
CT125 ODB2 Cable with Error Code Reset & Scanner
CT125 ODB2 Cable
CT125 ODB2 Cable with Scanner
CT125 Code Reset Jumper Connector
ODB2 WiFi Scanner
( ELM 327 Compatible  & Tested on CT125 )

CT125 ODB2 with Code Reset Cable



Use your ODB2 scanner to read CT125 PGM-F1 codes and reset as required. Also has a jumper reset connection for "on the road fixes."
Plugs into the red diagnostic port ( SCS port ) under the battery access panel to reset codes. Note the jumper will not
reset codes that are still present. Similarly with the ODB2. You would need to repair the problem to clear the code.


   Allows resetting of error codes when out riding, using the Bullet connectors ( join together ) or
plugging in an ODB2 scanner to read and clear PGM-FI codes. 
Compatible with 070PZ-ZY30100

CT125_ODB2 with SCS          $19.95


  CT125 ODB2 Cable With Code Reset Cable and WiFi Scanner

As above with Wifi ODB2 scanner ( Elm 327 Compatible )

SCS reset PGM-FI error codes or use the ODB2 scanner read and clear codes. You can also check sensor readings and injector cycle duration.
Require OSDB ELM327 compatible app for the phone. We recommend Car Scanner Pro
Compatible with 070PZ-ZY30100


CT125_ODB2, SCS & Scan          $26.95



CT125 ODB2 Cable

CT125 ODB2 connection cable. Use your scanner to read PGM-F1 codes and reset errors.

Allows connection of your ODB2 Scanner to the SCS port of the CT125. Reset or read PFM-FI error codes or just check sensor data. 
WiFi Scanner Sold separately


CT125_ODB2            $12.95



CT125 ODB2 Cable with WiFi Scanner

ODB2 cable for Ct125 With Elm 327 Compatible, WiFi Scanner

Use an IOS or Android app on your phone to control the Wifi scanner and read or reset PGM-FI codes or read sensor values.


CT125 ODB2 Cable With Wifi Scanner  $19.90


CT125 SCS Reset Connector

SCS Reset plug. Similar function and quality to the Honda part. Follow the manual instructions to reset SCS codes.
Note: this will not reset error codes where the error codes are still present, however you can read the code
from the slow and then fast flashes.



CT125 SCS Reset Connector         $9.95




ODB2 WiFI Scanner ( ELM 327 Compatible )


ODB2 scanner tested on the CT125. ELM 327 compatible. Use a Wifi App to read values or codes

ODB2 WiFi Scanner          $8.95