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Honda XL750 Transalp

   2023 -

PC-8R and Wiring Kit   -  ( all models i.e. US and European )
CS Kits   -  ( all models )
PC-8 and Wiring Kit    -  ( all models )
Acc Socket Fuse    ( US models only )
Rear Sub Harness With Fuseholder & Front Jumper
  -  ( US model only )
Indicator Splitters & Number Plate Splitter
  -  ( all models )

Accessory Socket Splitter   -  ( all models )
CC Socket/Line Explanation   -  ( US models )


PC-8R and Wiring Kit ( 8BL-RD16 )

This Kit is fully plug and play and is designed for easy install and a perfect fit. This Kit has a switching connector that plugs in to the under-seat Accessory Socket ( Connector )

The PC-8R is a superb fuse panel, full of all the features you need and more! Easy to install, well protected, and with 8 mini fuses, one on each output circuit. Includes 8 output grounds too. The Kit is made from highest quality high temp wire and sheathing. Just strip your circuit wires and insert into the PC-8R outputs and tighten the screws. Both power and ground terminal blocks are built in.

Figure1: 40A Wiring Kit with PC-8R

We have changed all fuse box kits to use the number plate light connector as the switched input trigger to make it consistent across US and European models.
This picture will be updated shortly.


30A PC-8R and Wiring Kit for XL750     -   $110.95

For 2023 & later models.
Fuse box fits under rear seat behind tool kit .

40A PC-8R and Wiring Kit for XL-750     -   $116.95

For 2023 & later models.
Fuse box fits under rear seat behind tool kit.

PC-8R Specifications and Features:

  • - 4 threaded insert nuts provide case mounting and fuse panel installation mounting points
  • - comes with an assortment of ATM fuses, one for each output circuit and a few extras
  • - 8 hot + outputs (2 un-switched circuits, 6 switched circuits)
  • - Switched circuits are turned off when the bike is shut down. An un-switched circuit is always hot - can be used for charging the battery
  • - 8 ground outputs - much better to ground your auxiliary circuits here than on a bike’s frame
  • - maximum fuse panel capacity 30 Amps (30A on switched & 20A on un-switched ) EG 25A Switched & 5A Un-switched  ( total 30A Max ) or 30A Switched & 0A Un-switched )
    ( note if un-switched are used for battery charging, i.e. not at the same time as the bike is running, then un-switched can be up to 20A with Switched at 30A ).
  • - maximum individual circuit capacity 20 Amps (15A continuous)
  • - maximum output wire size 12 AWG (3 sqmm)
  • - all hardware is stainless steel (except input posts which are tin plated steel)
  • - black satin polycarbonate cover makes unit splash-proof yet allows it to breathe and stay cool
  • - cover mounting tabs on each end can be broken off or left on, depending on mounting choice
  • - simple robust design means no overheating and no problems with vibration
  • - I designed this fuse panel with ease of mounting a priority. Therefore there are many mounting options: Dual Lock on back of case, fine threaded screws from back of panel, self tapping screws from inside through PCB inserts to panel, or nuts and screws on the case mounting ears at each end of the case.
  • PC-8R Installation Manual

Installed Picture ( will update soon )



CS Kits For XL750 Transalp

Shown is 4CS - Available are 2CS, 3CS, 4CS
(  2 output, 3 output, 4 output )

This kit is very easy to mount on the XL750. The relay and outputs and fuse holders fit to the rear of the tool kit storage area, under the passenger seat. It uses the rear
accessory port ( under passenger seat ).

Figure 2: ( Sample 4CS Kit - Will update shortly ).
We have changed all fuse box kits to use the number plate light connector as the switched input trigger to make it consistent across US and European models.
This picture will be updated shortly.


2CS Kit For XL750 -    $44.95

3CS Kit For XL750  -    $54.95


4CS Kit For XL750  -    $64.95


PC-8 and Wiring Kit

This kit provides 6 Switched and 2 Un-Switched outputs for electrical accessories on the XL750 models. Each output has a maximum rating of 20A peak
or 15A continuous. The total the fuse panel can support is 50A. Perfect for riders who like to option up their motorcycles, without turning the battery
connections into a rats nest of wires.

Figure 3: ( Sample PC-8 Kit - Will update image shortly ).

PC-8 and Wiring Kit

We have changed all fuse box kits to use the number plate light connector as the switched input trigger to make it consistent across US and European models.
This picture will be updated shortly.


Dual Locks Strips - Two pairs of mating 3” (8 cm) Dual Lock strips. Great for many other projects too, this material has 5 times more holding strength than regular Velcro. Strips have excellent adhesive on the back. Clean surfaces with alcohol first.

 2 Sets 3 Inch 3M Dual Lock Strips $4.95


Please confirm your Xl750 has the following connector under the passenger seat, before purchasing either Acc Socket Harness. The US model has this connector.

On European models there is no rear connector & the front connector ( same type as the rear ) has switched power and ground on the connector, without the need for additional harnesses. It is fused at 10A, but the fuse is shared with the BCU so we recommend it not be loaded to more than 7A.

ACC Socket Fuse Sub Harness - Routes switched power from the rear ACC Socket to the front connector. Fuse holder is sealed & contains a spare fuse ( unlike original ). Compact space saving design.

Acc Socket Fuse Sub Harness $14.95

Figure 4: Acc Socket Fuse Harness

Figure 5: Acc Socket Fuse Harness Sealed                                                                                .

ACC Ouput Harness With Front Jumper  - The kit routes GND from the front Acc connector to the rear Acc connector & add fused & switched power at the Output. Includes front Jumper Connector and rear Acc harness. Spare fuse capability in sealed fuse holder. Quality Japanese parts and assembly.

ACC Ouput Harness With Front Jumper              - $21.95

Figure 6: Acc Socket ( Rear ) Output Harness.

Figure 7: Acc Socket Fuse Harness - Close Up ).

Indicator, Number Plate Light Splitter - Add extra indicators to boxes/side cases..Or use the number plate light as a source of switched power for a relay, or extra rear lights. Sold individually.






Figure 8: Indicator& Number Plate Light Splitters ( Sold Individually ).

Splitters, Indicator or Number Plate Light (Each) - $16.95

Acc Socket Splitter - Add an extra output to the front or rear Acc Socket. Have two outputs instead of one. You may need one of the above ACC cables to get the desired output. Maximum 5A total.

Please note the .060" ( 1.5mm ) terminals are low current. So we recommend 5A or less for continuous loads. Short duration loads of 6A should be ok. The limiting
factor is the connector terminal size, so using thicker wire or shorter cables, will not increase the power you can draw.


Figure 9: Acc Socket Splitter ( Front or Rear ).

Acc Socket Splitter ( Front or Rear )                       - $24.95

Acc Socket Cable - Lead for wiring up accessories with correct connector to plug in the Acc Socket male connector. Cable is female connector, 2 wires, red positive and black ground.







Acc Socket Cable ( Front or Rear )                       - $14.95

ACC Socket/Line Explanation ( Confirmed on US Bikes - Not Confirmed on European Bikes )

Honda implemented a neat but unusual ACC socket system on the Transalp. It allows either the front or rear connector to be a source of switched power and ground. The source is from the ignition so there needs to be a fuse to avoid blowing any ignition fuses. We recommend to keep total current
draw, to under 7A total.

The front ( motorcycle front ) side connector has ground on one pin and the other pin routes to the rear ( under passenger seat ). The rear connector has a connection to the front connector ( 1 line ) and the 2nd connection is to switched power ( un-fused ). By adding an external fuse harness you
can route switched/fused power to the front connector.



Alternatively, by placing a jumper connector on the front connector ( routing ground to the rear connector ), and using a rear harness with fuse holder, you can have switched and fused power at the rear of the motorcycle.

Summing up, if you want to use the ACC socket for rear power buy the
ACC Ouput Harness With Front Jumper
If you want to use the front ACC socket for power at the front of the bike, buy the
ACC Socket Fuse Sub Harness