Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200Z

Please note - I have been informed that on the new ES model, there isn’t so much room to install the PC-8.  If you have this model, I advise you to buy a regular PC-8 Kit in a length long enough (~48”) to mount the PC-8 under the seat wherever you have enough room. You might need some kind of mounting bracket too. You need some space around the PC-8 for circuit wiring. Find the location first, then measure back to the battery and add a couple inches. Measure along where the wires will run. 3CS LONG kits are available on their respective pages below.

In order to simplify and make these products clearer, we have created separate pages for each. Please click on one of the product pages below, thank you.

Super Tenere Product Pages:

PC-8 Fuse Panel Kits  for New Super Tenere

3 Circuit Solution HD for New Super Tenere

4 Circuit Solution Sealed for New Super Tenere

Other Stuff - splitters, leads, adapters, etc