Tenere 700 Extras


 Aux Lights Splitter

This splitter is for those that have something plugged into the stock aux light connector that these Kits use for relay switching. With this splitter you can plug in and use whatever is now plugged in, and also plug in the switching lead on our PC-8 or 3CS Kits on this page. Or you can power one or two of the Power Leads below.


Aux Light Splitter $24.95

This splitter and leads will fit most modern Yamahas. Check your aux light connector before ordering.


Power Leads for Aux Light Connector (DIY aux lights etc)

You can use this adapter to power GPS, Aux Lights, and any other accessory using low or medium current draw. Wires, connectors, and sheathing are high temp, highest quality, Japan made and assembled by Eastern Beaver.

tenere aux light leads

Three 16 AWG wires: ground, switched power and always hot power

Power Leads for Tenere Aux Light Connector 91cm (36”) $16.95



Extra Connectors for Splitter and Leads above

3 Position .090 Waterproof MT Connector.

L - Fits wires from .5mm - 1.25mm (20 - 16 AWG).

S - Fits wires from 0.25mm - 0.5mm (28 - 20 AWG).

3P Set L $4.49 ea


3P Set S $4.49 ea



3P Male L $2.95 ea


3P Male S $2.95 ea


3P Female L $2.25 ea


3P Female S $2.25 ea