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ON THIS PAGE: PC-8 Kit - Brake/Tail Adapters

PC-8 and 50A Relay Kit for DL1050s

This Kit is for all DL1050s  - go here for older VStrom models. This special edition of the PC-8 Kit includes everything you will need to install the PC-8 and its wiring kit under the seat.

This superb fuse panel is full of all the features every rider has ever wanted and more! Easy to install, well protected, and with 8 mini fuses, one on each output circuit. Includes 8 output grounds too. Kit is made from highest quality high temp wire and sheathing. Just strip your circuit wires and insert into the PC-8 outputs and tighten the screws. Both power and ground terminal blocks are built in.

Read all about the PC-8 and it’s features here.

The Powerlink option allows quick disconnection of the PC-8 Kit for jump starting your bike or another bike from yours, or using a splitter you can hookup the PC-8 and another high current device like a high powered horn. Read all about the Powerlink System and it’s features here.

This Kit is now 50A capable using dual main fuseholders.

Similar to the ‘older’ VStrom Kit, but with different lengths to make this an easy and perfect install on your DL1050.


NEW - Kit for DL1050s
Also, similar to the ‘older’ VStrom Kit, but a bit shorter kit to make this an easy and perfect install on your new DL1050.


PC-8 with Relay Kit for DL1050 $112.95

Connection Option

PC-8/AP-2 Relay Kit Only for DL1050 (No PC-8) $55.95

Connection Option

The PC-8 is also available separately on my PC-8 Page.

Powerlink Option puts a HD connector on the battery leads so you can jumpstart a bike or install a high output Horn Kit, and more.
Powerlink Battery Leads are extra, buy below

Powerlink Battery Leads for DL1050

Battery lead lengths for DL1050 are 12” NEG +6”. (pic here not correct for this kit, new pic coming) - will match Bat Kit pic above

PL Battery Leads for DL1050s  $16.95



DL1050 Brake/Tail Adapters

This new unit is currently only on the DL1050s. We make two versions, V1 and V2, functioning the same as the other  Brake/Tail Adapters, but using different connectors to mate with the bike. Soon to come, signal/licence adapter.  I suggest you check your connector before ordering one of these.


Version 1 - all wires are take-offs from stock wires. Red wire is brake, blue wire is tail, and black is ground.

New DL1050 Brake/Tail Adapter V1 $24.95


Version 2 - brakelight wire has input  (purple) and output (red) wires for BackOff type modulators. Tail light wire (blue) and ground (black) are take-offs from stock wires.

New DL1050 Brake/Tail Adapter V2 $28.95


DL1050 - we are still unsure of some of the differences with this new bike, but we have a bit shorter PC-8 Kit on this page to fit these bikes. Aux Power connector is unknown at this time but we are working on these parts for the 1050. Please let us know if our New DL aux power adapter fits the 1050s.