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Zero Motorcycles - Accessory Power Cable

Quality hand made cable. Total connected load is recommended to be under 14Amps. Sumitomo original connectors,
terminals and seals. Yazaki 14AWG & 16AWG pure copper wire. Brass splices crimped and soldered.

Equivalent to Part No: 10-05740
2013  ZERO DS, FX, S, XU
2016-2020 ZERO  DS, DSR, S, SR,FX, FXS
2014-2015 ZERO DS, S, SR,  FX

2 Pin Male Sumitomo TS090 Sealed > 3 x 2 Pin Female Sumitomo TS090 & one SAE connection. If you intend to connect an external SAE cable to this
cable, check that the external SAE cable has the correct polarity connection. 



Zero Motorcycles Power Splitter Cable



Zero Motorcycles Accessory Harness $46.95