Shipping Methods and Info - for Fedex Tracking, see your Shipping Notice E-Mail. EMS tracking is sent with your shipping confirmation E-Mail.

During this pandemic - Shipping is changing constantly. Some countries can’t accept Post Office shipments so we use Fedex. Costs are mostly the same to major cities, but in some countries extra charges are big to out of the way areas in Canada and Australia. We will contact you about extra charges or small orders, to ask if you will pay the extra for Fedex, if you want the order held until PO service to your country resumes, or if you want a refund now. Sorry about the hassles and extra costs for small orders, hopefully full PO service will return very soon everywhere. Minimum order amount still applies.

DO NOT LET YOUR FEDEX ORDER GET RETURNED. The cost is more than double original shipping and we will have to take both from your refund. Make sure you track it and someone is there to receive. Also be aware the couriers usually charge full tax and duties so costs could be more than most PO deliveries.

USA Orders:  as of Apr 16th/2022 we cannot ship small orders by Post Office, but all fast shipping is by Fedex. No extra shipping fees on
orders under 0.5Kg.

AUSTRALIA Orders:  Air Mail Small Packet seems be to available again, so no extra fees on shipping. As of Aug 01st/2022 Fedex & EMS have temporarily ceased shipping Japan to Australia.

New Zealand: We can ship Air Mail Small Packet. Alternatively EMS, Nippon Express or Yamato/UPS.

Europe Orders: No extra shipping fees & fast shipping via Fedex included in the standard rate for under 0.5Kgs.

Small order Post Office shipping can be a bit slow at this time, please be patient if you are not using fast shipping.

All Orders: ship by Post Office or Fedex from Japan.

Small orders less than $10:  MINIMUM ORDER IS $10. I’m sorry but I will refund all orders less than $10 (not including shipping).

Small orders $10-$99.99): These orders normally go by international small packet air mail which usually takes 7-10 days, sometimes more. Cost is very reasonable, service is reliable, but can take 10 days or more. There is no tracking for small packet shipping. AT THIS TIME, ONLY FEDEX fast shipping is available, pay further down this page. Or we will contact you and ask if you want the order held until PO service is available, or if you want a refund.

Large Orders ($100 and over): All orders $100 and over (not including shipping) will ship via FEDEX or Post Office EMS. EMS and FEDEX are fast, usually 3-5 days depending on your location, and they have tracking.

Problem Counties: FEDEX ships to most countries in the world. Please let us know if they don’t ship to your country and we can either hold your order or refund. We are not shipping Fedex to Russia or Belarus due to shipping difficulties, sorry.

FEDEX/EMS Extra Payment for Small Orders - You can get fast FEDEX orr EMS shipping on orders less than $100 by paying extra below. Please note, you can add this payment to the shopping cart, or you can pay separately. Paying separately will avoid extra tax where some countries tax the shipping. If you pay separately, the FEDEX/EMS payment will not show on the order’s invoice, so you won’t have to pay tax on it.

FEDEX/EMS Fast Shipping $5 Payment

Click Above (Only for Small Orders less than $50)

FEDEX/EMS Fast Shipping $10 Payment

Click Above - When Requested)

Please note, for some countries/locations we may have to ask for even more money, outside big cities in New Zealand and Canada for example.

In a Rush? - No matter what country you are in ( Australia excluded ), if you want FEDEX/EMS and your order is smaller than $100, you can pay extra $10 and get FEDEX/EMS. See above for FEDEX/EMS payment. Or you can add items to your order to get to $100 total.

Shipping Cost Chart:

Shipping Costs are calculated based on the following chart:

paypal shipping 5-17-21

On the left is the percentage shipping cost according to which price range an order’s total value falls in on the right. In simple terms this means that the more you buy, the lower your shipping rate. In some cases we might have to ask for more, or we might refund some shipping. Sorry Paypal doesn’t give us many choices in the price ranges so I average it out the best I can.

I try to keep shipping cost as low as possible, while making the shipping charge pay for my actual shipping cost plus packaging. Unfortunately with Paypal’s shipping calculations it’s not always possible to automatically charge a fair shipping price on some very large orders. In those cases I will issue a partial shipping refund.

Because shipping costs do change over time, I have to adjust this chart from time to time.

How to Buy:

Payment Options:

 Buy Online Now with Paypal or a Credit Card  

Shop the online product pages by clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ buttons.

You do not have to have a PayPal account.

You can pay securely online with a credit card through Paypal, the same as any other online credit card processor.

Why PayPal?

  • Paypal is the only way I can afford to sell on the internet.
  • PayPal is the most secure means of payment on the internet today.
  • PayPal is absolutely FREE for buyers.
  • I’m in Japan and Paypal allows me to sell in USD.
  • I’ve had over 16 years of selling and buying through PayPal and zero issues.
  • I’m also a Paypal buyer and enjoy the ease of buying through an ever-growing list of merchants

A Paypal account means you don’t have to enter your name, address, banking informantion, etc every time you buy something online. You just log in securely with your name and password. More and more merchants are taking Paypal so if you shop online a lot, you really should open a Paypal account and streamline your buying experience. There is no cost for Personal Paypal accounts.