This is a 1994 Honda XLR250 Baja, a single cylinder dual sport motorcycle. This bike has about 35,000 hard kms on it but it’s in great shape, just a little rough in placed. Eventually all will be updated and I’ll post pics here. I changed to a good used carb and it’s starting a bit easier but still needs something to get it to always start first kick :-)

I haven’t done a frame up resto as I wanted to find out how viable the bike is. Now that I have tested it, I would like to actually replace the frame with a good used one or a freshly painted one and put this bike back to original condition.

This is the last year of this generation. It was the last year of this engine and kick start only. After this year they changed many things and added electric start and a battery. As a result, this model is super light, as well as being more powerful.

I have rewired the bike, and changed the front caliper, seat, kill switch, and several other things but most of the original components are still functional and in good shape.

MD22 wiring diagram click here.

Here she is half way through rennovations.


The classic twin headlights are renewed.


First little trip on the Baja, everything is working great.


Here she is complete with new Dunlop D603 semi-knobby tires. I’m very pleased with the handling of this light little fun bike.


And, I managed to remount the rear carrier which had previously been poorly mounted. Looking for original graphics.