MR Terminals

As found on a 2001 Honda VFR800. These terminals go into the large blue MR connector that plugs onto the back of the instrument cluster. These break and corrode and can cause all kinds of problems.

Here is one customer’s connector. You can see broken and corroded terminals here that need replacing.

Closeup of one of the corroded terminals removed.


And here is the solution - brand new terminals to replace yours with. I suggest replacing all while you’re at it. Get more than you need so you have extras in case you mess one up soldering it.


MR Terminal - $0.35/EA




The housings come in various configurations. Below are the MR housings that fit these terminals: 6,8,10, and 12 position.

mr housing 6p
nr housings


Similar terminals are found on Sumitomo’s MN series.

Below is a closeup of the MR terminals for sale on this page.

mr terminal

And here is the similar MN terminal. I do NOT carry this terminal at this point in time.

mn terminal