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Led Light Accessories

EB-DimR - Spot/fog/riding light dimmer. Dim from 10% though to 100%. High beam input.
EB-StroB - Adds strobe, alternating strobe, flash function to led lights.
We will add more led light accessories here over the coming 12 months. Currently we have a flasher/strobe unit and the dimmer.

Led Dimmer

Compact LED dimmer for motorcycles, ATV, snowmobiles, boats and cars. Works with most LED lights or strips, that have 2 wire connections
( does not work with 3 wire lights or strips ). Includes On/Off switch. Dimming range is 10% though to 100%. Includes a high beam over-ride which
switches to full power when connected to +12v. Featuring 2 outputs. Unit is sealed to offer weatherproof reliability.


Operating Voltage: 12.5v through to 16v.
Operating Power: 112watts.
Weatherproofing: Potted with thermally conductive epoxy.
Functions: On/Off, Dimming 10% to 100%, High beam over-ride to 100% power.
Compact and rugged.
Waterproof connectors and quality Yazaki wire.
Dimensions: 80mm Long ( includes knob ), 34mm wide, 20mm height ( 3.14" x 1.38", 0.79" )
Output Lead Lengths: Outputs 50cm ( 19.7" )
Power Lead Length: 60cm (( 23.6" )
High beam lead: 60cm ( 23.6" )

Figure 1: Led dimmer package ( not shown Velcro tape ).

LED Dimmer EB-DimR $49.95

Connection Option

Available with posi-tap or MT 090 sealed connectors.

Strobe/Flash Unit


Coming soon................