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Tubeless Tire Puncture Repair Kits

Marui, a small Japanese company, manufactures possibly the worlds best puncture repair kits. Their 'tire string" are made with high grade rubber which has nylon micro strings embedded to make the strings tougher. Over the last 10yrs we have used these extensively to repair punctures on our bikes and never yet, been let down. We had stories from customer who had 1.5cm splits in tires that they managed to repair using 4 strings side by side and other customers who continued to use relatively new tires with 1 or more string repairs, until the tire was worn out ( we do not recommend either ). The kits here are packaged by Ohashi Sangyo ( BAL ). The parts manufacturing and packaging are done in Japan.

BAL 831 Kit

This kit comes with 3 long strings, vulcanizing adhesive, puncture reamer, and string insertion tool. Also included is an Eastern Beaver weather resistant pack & mini knife ( used to cut the string excess ).

Fig 1:  BAL 831 Kit

BAL 831 Kit $25 


BAL 833 Refill Kit

This kit comes with 3 long strings, vulcanizing adhesive, and a mini knife ( used to cut the string excess ).

BAL 833 Kit $9.50 


MARUI LP-1050 String Refill ( Bulk )

This is a refill pack of 50 strings. Manufactured in Japan by Marui ( same stings as used in the above kits ).

Marui  LP-1050 $99 


Eastern Beaver Weatherproof Pack

A weatherproof zip pack for storing accessories on motorcycles. Manufactured from canvas and coated with a water resistant coating. Useful for storing documents or puncture repair kits or as a tool kit cover. Approximately 30cm by 18cm.

Eastern Beaver Weatherproof Pack $4.45 


Marui 23970 Kit

This uses the same strings and vulcanizing adhesive as the above kits. It comes with 5 strings , 2 tubes of vulcanizing rubber and a string insertion too. It does not include a reamer tool.

Marui 23970 $29.95