High Power Horn Kits

Connects either directly to your battery, or plugs into our Powerlink System.

Wired with high quality 3 sqmm (12 AWG) wire.

Fuseholder holds an extra fuse. Two 20A fuses and cable ties are included.

Horn Kit with Battery Connectors - allows you to connect directly to your bike’s battery.

Horn Kit with Powerlink Connector - Powerlink Battery Leads sold separately, available in different lengths, buy it here.

Because many high power horns use high current (16A or more), we do not suggest connecting a high power horn to a fuse panel.

36” High Power Horn Kit $54.95

Connection Option

48” High Power Horn Kit $59.95

Connection Option

Dual Horn Splitter

Install two horns and power them from your existing horn leads using this adapter.

horn splitter

Made from highest quality made in Japan 16 AWG wire, high temp sheath, and Japan made terminals. Splitter is 12 inches (31 cm) long.

Dual Horn Splitter $17.95