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The Power Center 8Power up with the PC-8 Fuse Panel

This superb high quality made in Japan product is full of all the features everyone has ever wanted and more! It’s easy to install, well protected, and has 8 mini fuses, one for each output circuit. The PC-8 includes 8 output grounds too. Sold alone or with a complete wiring kit.


Simple Aux Power Solutions

Easily install 1,2,3, or 4 fused accessory circuits (or more), includes grounds - for modest power requirements.



H4 Headlight Relay Kits

Our famous H4 Kits will save your switches burning out, connectors melting, and loss of headlight. These Kits will make your headlight brighter and give you peace of mind.


Beaver Power Stickers!

You can put the cute little Eastern Beavebeaver-logo-100r logo on your bike. Great for touring panniers, etc. I’m giving most of them away with larger orders but you can buy some here.


E-mail: Contact Us

Email is the best way to contact us as it provide a record of the questions and answers and we can schedule actions directly based on the message.


Powerlink Jumper



R/R Connectors and Wiring Kits

Replace or fix your bike’s charging system with our first class wiring. We have most connectors used for R/Rs on bikes. Also, we've added Shindengen rectifiers so you can get it all in one place.


Rectifiers - FH020AA, SH847 Mosfet Shindengen


CanBUS Bikes: - Order the Diode Option for your PC-8 or 3CS Fuse Panel  Kit. This inline diode on the relay ensures that you won’t upset the CanBUS electrical system. Or order the PC-8R which has the protection built in.

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MISSION STATEMENT: My philosophy is to use top quality components, real world design, and first class assembly to make unique products that are useful to riders. We also sell brand name products that we believe embody the same philosophy. Customer comments are taken seriously.

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Reusable Cable Ties

cable ties reuse

Wiring Loom Clamps

cable clamp 10mm



PC-8R Fuse Panel

Integrated Canbus protection
Integrated Relay
Optional Delay Power Up

Designed to reduce required space on the bike, the PC-8R has the relay and Canbus protection built into the unit. Wiring kits available. The optional power up delay reduces load on your battery on start up. Very handy for cold climates or on bikes with older batteries.

Comes with 12months warranty & fixed price repair service. Spare parts available for those globetrotter who like to be prepared. Installation manual also available for the DIY inclined.

  NEW - Puncture Repair Kits.

Japanese innovation and quality. Strings have nylon stands in the rubber to make them more durable.



Insulation Tapes

Simply the best electrical tape for use on motorcycles, cars, ATV's or snowmobiles. Easy installation - no scissors or knife needed. Does not turn into a sticky mess as is typical of plastic type electrical tapes after a few years use. OEM look.


  USB Products

Japanese brand USB options for your bike. Unique design and above average reliability.